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HexxBOX – Poznaj i testuj z 1001pasji!- Bdellium tools 992 Travel Line /recenzja w jezyku angielskim

Today I will show You second brush which I have received from Hexxana and Ulalabeauty.
BDELLIUM TOOLS Studio/ Travel Line # 992 is a small bronzer brush made of soft natural fibers.
Travel Line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles and are eco-friendly.

Producer says: 
''Blends bronzer into the skin creating an evenly distributed color. Perfectly shaped & sized for the application of bronzing. Create a sexy, sculpted look with a brush that blends beautifully and offers uniform coverage across the whole face.''

This brush is quite short, about 12cm, so is really nice for travel and good for those who wear glasses. I use it for bronzing my face, is a bit to big for contouring , but I still like it. The fibers are soft and dense. Unfortunately this brush lost quite a few hair after washing. It blends the bronzer nicely and it doesn't leave any strange patches. It also could be used for finishing powder, so You save space in Your cosmetic bag while traveling. 

You can buy this brush in  Ulalabeauty shop for £12.99. 

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  1. Pedzelek wydaje sie ciekawy, ja jednak sobie chyba bede powiekszac kolekcje moich pedzelkow od Tomka Forda. Albo to, albo tez kupie pedzle Gossa- tansze, a swietne :-D
    A czemu jest dobry dla tych co nosza okulary?

    1. Bo zazwyczaj takie osoby maluja sie blizej lusterka eheh

    2. Ja jestem slepa jak kura, ale az tak blisko lusterka sie nie maluje. hihi :P

    3. a ja niby wzrok mam ok, ale blisko sie maluje eheh

  2. Tajka, thank you for another great review!! We will happily share it with our customers. Regards, Team