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HexxBOX – Poznaj i testuj z 1001pasji!- BENJABELLE - Organic Foaming Brush Wash/ wersja angielska

Today I will review the last product that I have received from Hexxana and Ulalabeauty, BENJABELLE - Organic Foaming Brush Wash. I was hoping that it will speed up cleaning my brushes... sadly my hopes were dashed.

What producer says:
''One or two pumps of this gentle soap will get your brushes squeaky clean.

Made from all organic ingredients; including coconut, olive and jojoba oils along with aloe vera and rosemary extract to provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning.''


My opinion:
This brush wash has got very nice packaging, nice pump which changes the clear liquid inside, in white foam. The smell is very natural and delicate, so it should not be a problem for anyone. Benjabelle Brush Wash has got very good composition, so it should help to keep brushes in a good form. I have not noted any changes in my makeup brushes. The worst thing is that it does not clean them properly. I need a lot of product to wash off foundation, eyeshadow or blush and I still feel that brushes are dirty, so I use Carex antibacterial soap in the end. This brush wash is very inefficient, to wash my 30 brushes I use 1/3 of bottle and as I said before they are still not cleaned correctly. 

Unfortunately I can not recommend You this product, but if You are looking for something that will help to  keep your makeup brushes in good shape you can try it. 

You can buy it in Ulalabeauty for £10.39.

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